Luban says every model needs to be repaired

Whether downloaded from Thingiverse or created in Tinkercad or Fusion 360, Luban insists that every stl needs to be repaired. It then fails to print almost every time (usually fails first layer adhesion). Prusa and Cura don’t have these problems, but I would like to be able to send files directly to the printer without using a usb.

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Cura has a Snapmaker extension that allows you to send files over wifi to the printer. It’s a little finicky for me but it could be worth a shot.

Have the same problem with all my models, need to be repaired by Luban but they did not fail. Had problems with the adhesion too, but I found out I had to recalibrate the z-offset after a firmware update. I also print with a brim by default. Adhesion is not a problem anymore.

What I typically do is export a stl from cura and then go to the workspace in luban and import the stl file over in the upper right side box and then send it to the snapmaker as you would normally thru luban

Can you let me know how you do that as I dom not manage to get cura to do that