Change nozzle, now screen NA

I have changed the nozzle with the reserve. But now the screen shows NA nozzle. I think the problem is the white wire because the red is for heating the nozzle. The manual says pull the wires out and put them back in. Have tried several times again. What am I missing?

Regards and thanks, Peter

How to put it back together, there is some isolation missing (melted).


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Oh no!
You are missing the thermistor! That’s what is suppose to attach between those 2 white wires.


I had a terrible jam and had to take it all apart. This is how I know…

I also had to disassemble the module. What are the specs of the temp sensor?

Is someting like this ok?


Length: 1m
Max temperature: 280 degrees
Length fiberglass sleeve: 4cm

Glass-encapsulated, heat-resistive and highly stable
For temperature measurement up to 250 °C
Fast response
Small dimensions

Thermistor IMG_3022

Hi Peter, sorry for the late response. I saw your inquiries last Friday but forgot to reply to you due to other urgent tasks… Here are the specs you need to keep in mind when you choose the thermistor:
Type: NTC
Value of resistance: 100k
B value: 3950

The other end should be XH2.54 with 2 pins.


Thank u Rainie, did the order on ebay. Instalment of the temp sensor was easy, I just had to make the wire shorter it was 1m long.

@Peter, @Rainie
I also now have to replace my sensor (own fault). I noticed that I can buy one with or without a cartridge. The image that Peter sent is only has the glass thermistor. Is this the correct one or does it need to terminate in a cartridge? My old thermistor is molded in PETG inside the nozzle block.


You will get this (everything you need):

kind regards,

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Thank you @rojaljelly Michael
I got the same from my local shop with the wrong connector. I’m changing the connector now and will test. I hope to be able to heat my nozzle again and then I can clean it…

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