Can't wait: just ordered the A150!

Hi guys,
I’ve bought a Snapmaker Orignal but I had some issue (maybe one linear module was faulty…) so I ask for refund on Amazon and now I’ve just ordered a new A150!
I choose the A150 because I don’t think I need a larger volume… hope I made the right choice! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait September!

What do you think guys about A150?

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Glad to hear that your problem was resolved (if not, you can always contact our support and we will help resolve your issue regarding your order :slight_smile:).

The print volume of the A150 (160160145) is slightly larger than that of the Original (125125125mm). If you have had a chance to play with the original, and you were satisfied with its size and how compact it was, then you can’t go wrong with the A150. But if you need a larger machine with a larger print volume, then the A250 or the A350 might suit you better. Print volume is the main difference between the three models.

To be honest I’m not so happy with your support or at least I was a little disappointed in one point:
after verify my linear module was faulty the Snapmaker team propose to send me a new linear module.
I was really happy on that but after couple of days my Snapmaker had another issue so I decided to ask Amazon for a refund.
I wrote to the Snapamker support telling to not sent me the linear module because I sent back to Amazon my Snap.
I’ve asked if it was possible to had a discount or some accessories for the new Snapmaker 2.0 for all the problem I had but they response me that it is not possible. After some mails I gain just the possibility to have 10$ discount for the accessory. 10$? Come on Snapmaker! :slight_smile:

My point is: probably I had a faulty machine… I save you the cost of the replacement of the new linear module and the shipping costs… I was suppose that you can give me a discount at least of the new linear module price or…

Anyway, the Original was little bit small of course but my budget can’t go up to the A250 that would be my dream and perfect size!

The only doubt I have about the A150 is that it has the new ER11 collect so we can use a bigger CNC bits than the Original but will be the A150 frame sturdy enough? Have you made some “stress test” with the CNC module on A150 model?
The A250 amd A350 uses more linear modules so they are robust for sure…

Hmm… The support team must have their reasons behind it. But $10 is $10 right? :sweat_smile: It is better than nothing. They are generally very understanding and try to compensate all the needs as best as they could. And yes the A150 is sturdy enough and we did stress test the A150. You will know when you receive your machine lol