Rotate printing

I can’t find an option to rotate the printing of a model. I have a long part that I rotated 45 degrees an it is printing perpendicular to the part creating long lines that don’t stick well. Can I rotate the printing 45 degrees?

Is this what you’re looking for? You can rotate the selected part(s) on any axis with this tool.

No, I’ve got that. I needed to rotate it to fit it on the plate. Now I want to rotate the way it prints. I can do that in Simplify but can’t find it in Luban.

I understand now. Sorry, I was being dense. Other than the options presented in the Custom Settings under “Model Structure” for the top and bottom layers (Line, Concentric, and Zig-zag), I see no such options in Luban. Please let me know if you find something. I too would be interested in that functionality. Kind regards.