Can't get 10watt laser to focus

Hey guys

I am really desperate right now as i can’t get the 10W laser module to focus correctly. Problem occurs on both, manual and automated focusing. I can’t even cut 4mm pine wood right now even at 100mm/sec 1 pass, which should be easy for the 10watt laser.

I already recalibrated eveything mutliple times, changed toolhead and back to get it newly initialized and also resetted all the Snapmaker Settings using the Developer Mode, nothing helps.

The way i manually focus is the official way of using the paper they which came with the snapmaker, lower the laser until there is good resistance and press next. But i don’t get thin lines during the cutting process.

I wish there was a way to manually focus it using the ruler engraving option which was available on the old laser module. I almost everytime use the same 4mm pinewood for my projects and if i could get the proper settings once i just would manually set it to that specific height.

Is there a way to use that ruler calibration option on the 10W laser?

Not to state the obvious, but have you cleaned the lens?

Yes, i actually did using a cotton swab and alcohol (99%). I wasted so much material by now it’s not funny anymore :no_mouth:

Sometimes when cutting bigger parts i found that in the middle it was okay with the focus and on the sides it was very bad. I checked if my bed is somehow not flat or if the material is thicker on one side, but it’s all flat… really no idea what to do anymore.

I have a similar issue. When the 10W was new, it could cut the 3mm demo projects without issues. Now it doesn’t get properly through 3mm black acrylic or 3mm MDF. It’s missing like the final 0.3mm, so I guess the focus is somehow not working properly.

I have cleaned the laser according to the manual using pure (99.9%) ethanol with one of the cotton swabs that came with the Snapmaker. Optically, I couldn’t see any more any dirty. I already slowed down work speed from 240mm/s to 200mm/s (Luban’s default for 3mm MDF).

Example - front:


This is really annoying. What can I do? I can clean it yet another time, but I’m not optimistic it will change anything. At least if there is a work around. Should I run two passes even if it shouldn’t need them? Should I send it to service (I bought it eight months ago)?

Although the cutting was already bad before, I noticed after the change that automatic thickness measurement no longer worked, although the material should have been unproblematic, so I ran it with the manual mode. Perhaps it points at an issue, too.

When cutting 4mm pine wood, what is the distance between the pine wood and the head? It seems to me that it is probably around 10mm.

Similar occurrences used to happen frequently, but recently, there has been an improvement. I believe the addition of air blow and exhaust has been a contributing factor. Additionally, we made changes to how the material is secured, but that’s about it.