Cannot set laser origin - through controller

Hi all,

Brand new just constructed Artisan. I did my first 3D print successfully, now trying to do a laser engraving test. I’m having issue with the set origin.


  1. In Luban, did a small project, 1 rectangle and one heart inside.
  2. Sent the project to Artisan over Wi-Fi
  3. Using the start wizard on the touch screen, I follow the instructions and to two issues
    1. There are no steps to remove the calibration white block
    1. When I set origin and do a run boundary, the project starts not at the origin I set.

Here are 3 videos showing my issues. I would appreciate any comments / suggestions.

  1. Cannot remove block:

  2. Round boundary is not good:

  3. The origin of the job is not good :

I tried going through Luban successfully. The camera function OK. I had to calibrate it.

So the issue is going through the controller wizard. I would say, this is unusable until fixed.

Artisan Firmware v: 2.2.3
Same problem here:

  • to start using the laser head I have to input de activation code (annoying);
  • to start a new job I have to set (manually) the Z work origin. The auto detection sets the head 200mm high. X and Y remains correct from job to job.
    Hope it will be solved on the next firmware.

The origin can be set in Luban - before setting up the job - to be in the center or one of the corners.

If using the camera to align the job, the origin is (sneakily) moved to the bottom left corner (on the left, close to the door). This is not the Home position (actually being the top left corner) so before starting the job, the print head needs to be moved from Home to the bottom left corner as the starting point. Running the boundary (or a print job), the head will move from the bottom left corner to the print job (as spotted by the camera) and run the boundary (print) from there.

Not using the camera, having set the origin to the center in Luban, the preparation on the controller is just to manually move the print head (using the small laser point) to the center of the piece to be printed. Running the boundary (or print), it will start from that point.

Same here, I have been trying to laser cut some tests this week, but somehow it is never clear to me where it is going to cut.
Sometimes in one corner, sometimes in the middle, sometimes in another corner. Tried to set origin manually, but then it is unclear to me what would be the abosute middle (206 x 206 mm?).
So far had no succes with the camera either: the machine started to engrave in the corner, while my material was in the middle. The logic and mental model around this positioning is really beyond my comprehension.

I got the camera usage nailed:

Material in, connect to Artisan in workspace, back to design and use the camera background. Tell it how thick the workpiece is and set the edges.

Do the design, off you go and be sure to start in Luban, then select automatic thickness measurement - any other option here loses the automatic origin and knowledge of where the work piece is.