How to Set Laser Origin

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to laser engrave a pre-cut piece of work. I have an origin mark at the exact center of the physical work piece.

How do I:
A) Tell Luban to use the center of the imported SVG as the gcode origin.
B) Set the work origin of the Artisan to the exact center mark on my work piece?

Using the camera has been a nightmare, it’s always out by a few mm so I want to do it exactly.


When you start a new laser project you have to set your workspace once.
This means in this step you have to set your workspace origin to center.
You can edit your workspace in the upper toolbar any time.

After generating your code you can set your workspace origin (i prefer on the touchscreen) if you jog there and set it by pressing set work origin.

No Artisan user here but this is the “normal” workflow.

Check your origin by running the boundary.

Thanks. Then how do I calibrate the machine to the center mark on the work piece?

This happens if you start your laser file on the touchscreen, there will be a screen where you can do the jog to origin and setting.