Can Snapmaker 2.0 print 2.85nm filament?

I’ve got some 2.85nm PLA filament. However, I can not find a configuration parameter for the filament diameter, which leads me to my question:

The Snapmaker is intended for 1.75mm filament only. (In theory, they could create a different head that would take the larger filament, but I haven’t seen any interest anywhere in doing so.)

I suppose you mean millimeters but you said nanometers.
I saw the title in the post list and entered at full speed. Nanometers! This is really amazing! :exploding_head:

You’d need a really tiny nozzle aperture to get the most out of it, though. And prints would take a very long time. :rofl:

I want to print this gear how else am I supposed to do it :joy:

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Yeah, I don’t think you could even laser that out, unless the linear modules are more accurate than I think they are. :rofl:

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hold my beer…


I made a typo. It should have read; 2.85mm.
The COVID-19 virus is about 300nm in diameter.
A good optical compound microscopes can view down to about 500nm.
My best choice might be to sell it on ebay.