Filament sizes? 3 mm?

I’m using the included 1.75 mm filament with great success, but now I just noticed in Snapmaker3D it says Diameter range: [1.75, 3.5].
Does this mean I can use 3 mm filament too? Are there any special preparations necessary for this?

The hardware specs still say 1.75mm only. It looks like the hole is big enough for 3mm, but the extruder is undoubtedly not geared for it.

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@Rainie is there an ‘official’ response to the filament diameter question? I recognize the difference in size is stated in the software but can the extruder/heater hardware element cope with a larger diameter?

Or is there a bigger/better 3D extruder coming out :wink:

It rests me a lot of 3 mm material and i use A250 and A350. If there is a extruder for 3 mm Material it would be very good hear and I would buy thank you for your answer.

As far as I know, Snapmaker company does no have the plan to support the 3mm filament in 2021. The mechanic team is working on the dual-extruder printing module and the 8-watt laser module in Q2 and Q3.


You will also find the following settings in the G & M code list:

M200 - Set Filament Diameter


Set the filament’s current diameter and enable volumetric extrusion.

In volumetric extrusion mode the E axis specifies cubic mm instead of linear mm, and the firmware calculates how much length to extrude for the given volume based on the filament diameter.


M200 [D] [T]`

[D] Filament diameter

[T] Extruder index. If omitted, the currently active extruder will be used.


A common diameter close to 3mm:

M200 D2.85

Turn off volumetric extrusion

M200 D0
M200 D ; also works