Can I go back and review the scale and settings used to create my gcode?

Use case:

  1. Load my .STL file and view in the 3d print gcode generator
  2. Mess with the print quality settings and update the scale
  3. Generate .gcode and export that file to a USB stick
  4. Go print it. All works happily as it should.

But now a month later, I want to make a small tweak (can’t just use the original gcode) and reprint a second copy but I can’t remember what scale and print settings I used. I’ve figured out how to open the gcode file in the workspace, but it doesn’t load anything into the 3d print gcode generator, and I can’t find anything helpful in the workspace itself. Where can I find that data?

If you load into luban workspace and scroll down to the right you should see info.

You can also try importing into Cura or use

@sdj544 thanks for the reply. I do see dimensions but I don’t think they’re accurate. I only have a believable number in the X axis and the Y axis is what I had scaled down from the original STL.