G-Code Doesn't Seem to Generate...?

I just set up my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 yesterday and have successfully printed a few small designs with no issues. However, I’m trying to print a larger item now and having a very frustrating time when it comes to generating the G-code and then loading to the workspace. I’ve loaded the design file, adjusted the quality settings to match the designer’s recommendations, and clicked “Generate G-code”. Snapmaker Luban says “Slicing…” and gets to 100%, but then nothing seems to happen. When I hover over either “Generate G-code” or “Load G-code to Workspace” there’s a red circle with a slash through it indicating I can’t do either of those actions. I don’t know whether Luban is still “thinking” and trying to generate G-code for this file, but it’s been quite a while and I have a very powerful computer that should be able to generate this code quickly.

I’m using Luban v3.8.0, the latest version, on a Windows 10 PC, 64-bit system, with an i9-9900k CPU, RTX 2080Ti GPU, and 32GB RAM.

could you post a screenshot of your window? Sounds odd to me.

Can you upload the object (you’re new, so it might take a few days before you’re allowed to upload), or link to it?

Need to see the object. Either upload stl or post link to it.
Not everything you find on the internet or thingiverse is actually designed properly. If there are problems with the STL you may have problems slicing it.
Also, Luban sometimes chokes on some more complicated designs with lots of polygons. Spheres while seeming like a simple shape can actually be millions of polygons.
You can also try importing it to cura and see if it slices there.
Also have you tried quitting and re-opening Luban?