Can any one to help printing POM material

I use A350 with POM material to print my stuff, the parameter is ABS with bed temp 80℃ but still fail to print my stuff.
Can anyone help for that?

We have not tested the Polyoxymethylene (POM) filament with Snapmaker 2.0.

The recommended print temperature is between 210°C - 220°C. POM can be printed on a heated bed plate 100°C - 130°C. Acetal does not adhere well to any of the typical 3D printer bed surfaces. Using wood or cellulose based platforms to print on is the best alternative. A cheap and quick alternative is to use a thick resume or sketch paper, roughly 80 pound weight. Glue down the paper with Elmer’s glue stick on top of your printer bed which is typically metal or borosilicate glass. Some users print using blue tape covered with hairspray. Not all blue tape and hairspray are the same. If you have a heated chamber, then please remember to pre-heat your chamber to reduce warping. Printing in an enclosed chamber will help with delamination. Please keep Acetal away from moisture and always keep filament in an airtight container with a desiccant.

Please pay attention to the specs:

  • Printing temperature : 210°C - 220°C
  • Bed temperature : 100°C - 130°C
  • Print speeds : 30mm/s
  • Great strength and low friction
  • Print on a heated bed

Hi Snapmaker-Edwin,

I see the Bed Temperature should be 100°C -130°C but the specs of A350 Heated Bed Temperature only up to 80°C. How should I have 100°C -130°C for A350 Heated Bed Temperature?

Other users have been able to get the bed on the A350 to 100°C by giving the bed a lot of time to heat up. Things that would help are an enclosure and putting some insulation below the heated bed to make this process faster. So it is possible to reach these temperatures, but it takes a lot of time due to the current limitations of the bed, controller, and power supply.

Some people have discussed using an external power supply for the heated bed to try to speed up the process, but I don’t know how much this has been used and implemented.

Sorry to mention that it will take about 40 mins for A350 heated bed to get to 100 ℃. So we are not recommend user print POM as the waiting time is always kind of boring.


Hi Snapmaker-Edwin,

Will Snapmaker generate a kit or something else to help for A350 heated bed to get 100℃?


Now the horsepower of the machine is 220 watt while the one of the whole unit is 320w. As the engineers are working on more powerful power unit for new machines, I think this may help to heat up quicker.

The heated bed can heat up to 100℃ but it will take about 30-40 minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.