Thermal imaging of Snapmaker A350

Out of curiosity I did some thermal imaging of my Snapmaker A350 while printing the test vase with Snapmaker filament and measured the heatbed temperature.

At the beginning of the print the surface was up to 46°C in the middle and about 30°C at the edges.

While printing the first layer the surface was up to >47°C and stayed that way during the rest of the print.

Next time I’ll see what temperatures the heated bed can get up to (80°C according to the specs)


So I tested the max temperature of the A350 heated bed. As it turns out you can get over 86°C (without enclosure and ~20°C room temperature)

I also measured the hot end and it was ~24°C less. (setpoint 200°C after ~10min) Please take this measurement with a grain of salt, because the heat block has a silicone sock and the nozzle is metal (FLIRs do not like to measure metal surfaces).