Camera choices for A350

Any suggestions for camera to check 3d prints?

@Morgue i just use a baby monitor camera that I had lying around. It can pan and tilt, has its own tablet, can also connect it to my phone, has sound as well as an ambient temperature sensor. I can also talk to it or if the Snapmaker is particularly fussy I can play it lullabies :rofl:

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What brand. I’m 66 and never had a baby monitor except me or the wife. :laughing:

I use the Logitech C270. It’s pretty cheap and has decent picture quality. Plus there is a lot of mounting options available on Thingiverse.

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@Morgue its a Logitech.

Thanks I appreciate it

Thanks I appreciate it Bluegrass

Any cheap webcam will work.
Wyse are cheap and get really good recommendations.

I personally use an old iPhone with an app called “presence”