Monitoring Camera, Models and Example Pics

Hi all,
i am new to snapmaker and are searching for a way to monitor my printer (250 with enclosure).
The cam should be inside the enclosure an it should have LAN (not WLAN, or if then 5GHz) connection.
I having trouble to find example pics with cams that can deliver a clear and sharp picture for this near area I need it… and also can operate in a “hot” area …

If some of you have done monitoring successfully , please provide cam model and example pic of working area … Thank’s!

greetings richi.

Google for Octoprint.

I use an old iPhone.


Thank you for an answer… but I don’t want an raspberry for this (@snapUser)… only a cam…

I use now a Zoom Mini POE IP Kamera, HD 3MP Kleine Indoor Überwachungskamera , 2,8-12 mm manuelles Zoomobjektiv P2P H.265 CCTV Videokamera…bought at amazon.
Was easy to install and does the job…

I use an EZVIZ WiFi-connected security camera model CS-CV206 and it is able to be viewed from anywhere in real time using android or windows apps.
Especially good for monitoring long jobs. Highly recommended.

Picture for Zoom Mini POE IP Kamera…during laserjob…

Interesting bed mounting. Care to share that design?

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@richi - what is with your bed setup? Is this a custom quick change solution?

@tHeSmUrF if you mean the bed mounting …
I am not sure if it is allowed to post it here, but it is from here

If post not allowed… admin feel free to remove it…

Thank you Richi, that looks very useful.