Camera Capture - Software Capture Bug/Issue

Today I ran three different setups for the laser camera capture.

Setup 1: I place a piece of White A4 paper in the center of the black laser plate.

Setup 2: I placed a piece of of aluminum 1.5" x 4" in the center of the black laser plate.

Setup 3: I placed a piece of of aluminum 1.5" x 4" in the center of the plate and I placed a piece of white paper 3" x 3" at all four corners of the black laser plate.

…Test results…

Setup 1: It worked every time.

Setup 2: The camera capture would freeze at the start or capture three frames and then freeze.

Setup 2a: As the camera was frozen I place a white square 3x3 in the path and the camera started capturing again but froze after the next frame.

Setup 3: It worked every time.


There is an issue with the camera capture software that needs to be fixed.

Please forward or get to the appropriate software programmers.




So, I’m guessing that if you put a permanent white dot on each of the corners of the plate it will work every time?

Software: Luban 3.7.0 or later

Can you follow these steps to run the calibration again?

After adjusting the square (to the shape), you need to press ‘Confirm’ then ‘Apply’

Then you place the diagram

Then press Start, it works perfectly!

If the camera stop working, please check if it is loosened.

I ran several tests on an wood block I would like to engrave and each time I ran the background capture the image is not representing the wood cube as it should. Proportions are not correct while everything is perfect when using the plywood of 1.7mm provided.

So the scale of the engraving logo ans the placements where every time wrong.

Do I miss something or is there a trick to get the proper placement of the engraving on a surface which can measure several cm of height?


Hey Christophe,

i observed exactly the same behavior.

In order to fin a solution, i calibrated the cam several times an checked the adjustment as mentioned above. At some point, i had to accept, that the positioning-by-camera feature is more than a getting-a-rough-idea-of-locations feature. :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face:
In my opinion, that’s far from what was advertised, but reading through the forum gets me to being thankful, that i have a 60% working machine.

Using the “run outline” (is it called so in luban?) function helps me estimating the final placement of the engraving. Far from precise, but i ain’t got a better idea (or working solution) to fix this. If you find out any better, please let me know too.


Thanks Chris for the feedback.
What I observed after running few tests: The higher the object to engrave the worse is the result.
It seems that camera capture do not understand the depth of the object, even if you are placing the object right in the center you are getting average and mis-scaled, mis-positioned engraving.

I’m gonna try “run outline” if I can find this in Luban - maybe running the laser at 1% can help to determine the placement. That’s can only work if the engraving material supports this without being engraved - I have to try.

Can the software developer fix this bug/issue? It seems it could help a lot of people around there.


As you noted, camera capture falls apart when anything is raised off the bed.

You can run boundary from the control pad just like you would for cnc. That works pretty well for setting things. Unfortunately it only runs a rectangle so if you have some other shape it can sometimes be hard to tell. On some things I just mark the center on a piece of masking tape and then once origin is set pull the masking tape.


Indeed, run boundaries help to solve this issue temporarily. It take much more time but at least it works.

Getting the “camera capture” running would be much better and far more efficient, @Edwin, any way to get that solved in the coming months?


Hi There.

I use the SN A350 since May and I still explore… and yes, struggling as well on some cases…

Now the camera Capture mode is terrible and I already read a few posts about this.

But My Bug seems to be unique.
When I start capture everything is fine… but I onlie recieve 6 pics on Luban and not 9!
The 6 eisting pics are great… but then the capture stopped

Did somebody as well had this issue?
→ how to solve it?

Thanks Kai