Calibration after installing bracing kit on a A250

Just got the bracing kit and took the opportunity to install it since I needed to swap printer head and needed to take apart some of the printer anyway. No issues mounting them.

I also downloaded the latest firmware and selected that I have the bracing kit. Though the first section of that dialogue is confusing for me. Should I select Screws? The step in the manual ( shows nothing selected. I selected Screws, was that wrong?

Because when I run the calibration it starts off the heatbed, as It does not understand that I have the Y and X bracing plates installed… Also the prints start there, see photos.

What have I missed?

Manual or automatic calibration?

See point 3.3 in the Wiki you linked:

Selecting “Screws” means no Quick Swap kit - no connection to the bracing kit. The bracing kit is a separate selection.

I have both, QSK & bracing kit, and with both selected, I had no trouble calibrating.

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Automatic calibration