No instructions yet for installing bracing kit?

Just received my bracing kit for SM 2.0. (Ordered separate from 200W CNC module.) Can’t find any instructions per the wiki.snapmaker location specified in the package. There is a link on the wiki there for “Attaching the Bracing Kit” but it just takes me to a page stating I can’t access. That page has a Login button, but it is apparently for the wiki, and I don’t have credentials to log into snapmaker wiki and don’t know how to get such, if I even could. My guess is they haven’t published an accessible (public) instruction page on snapmaker wiki yet. Any idea when they might or what workaround exists?

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Upgraded just today
Fot the wiki page you need another Account, thats a bad joke…

But you need the 1.19 Firmware because it will setup the new distance in the Menu

Cool to see that the delivery started! Please share any insights you gained - mine will only arrive in May, so happy to learn before that from others!

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