Touch Screen Splitting Apart

Has anyone else’s touch screen split apart? This seems to have happened over time. I hadn’t used my printer in a couple months and when I took a look at it on my desk this afternoon, I noticed this issue. Seems the glue holding the glass in place has failed.

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Does it still work? Does it fit back in the case, or is something inside pushing the screen out? If it works and fits back in, you can likely repair it with some narrow double sided tape. Something like this. I’ve used it to replace cell phone screens. It’s not as good as a factory glue, but so far the tape hasn’t been the part to fail. It’s overkill to get 50m worth, but it’s cheaper than getting a shorter length.

How did you store the screen? Based on the position, I’m guessing you just kept it on the magnetic stand, right? Is the top separating too, or just the bottom?

Thanks for the reply. I have indeed just left it sitting in the stand and the printer has been sitting on my desk at home. It’s the bottom and sides popping off. The top is still firmly in place, almost acting as a hinge. It appears to be more of a cosmetic issue as the screen still works so I’ll just try taping it back in there.
Just something I was concerned about / disappointed to discover given how new the printer is.