Bring back Edwin

That angel was the only link between SM and us at the forums. The only other way to get a response from them is to message support directly about an issue.



Yea, and if they aren’t going to monitor this forum then for clarification staff should sticky something to this forum saying as much. Like “Snapmaker staff does not monitor this forum, to reach staff email”.

It’s really weird to have staff using this forum to advertise new products and then never respond.


There is also facebook official support page where, like here, support doesn’t show often.

I propose also the tag #bringbackedwin for twitter communication with Snapmaker.


Even emailing support is 50/50 on getting a response. If it is anything tricky there is just radio silence from support.

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I have always had an extremely good response from email support, but for me it’s always been a failed part and they were quick to replace everything I needed. I’ve never really had technical questions for them, I come here for those, lol.