Edwin's Retirement

Edwin sent me a private message to let me know that he was leaving Snapmaker on Friday.

I replied to his message, but he said he would be leaving on Friday, so he may not have been able to make it to the meeting.

I hope he is watching this place…

Thanks Edwin.
Thanks Edwin and good luck in your new job.


lol i guess i cant blame him with all us beating him all day long

thanks edwin despite everything i do appreciate your assistance along the way - i know you were trying your best and working within the confines of what you had to work with.

to that end, hopefully someone as dedicated as you were can step up to the plate to pick up where you left off - maybe this time snapmaker can go full open source so the community can solve the remaining riddles with the firmware

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We will miss him. He was a lot of help on the forum and really put a lot of effort into it.

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He will still be here on the forum he’s just not part of staff anymore, he’s one of us now! He sent me a PM as well before his last day.

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