Brand filament poor quality

Tried a few brands on my cheapo Anycubic Mega ZERO with absolutely no issues at all when running within the brans parameters per material type.

Got me a roll of snapmaker 1.75 black PLA.
This will be easy or so I thought.
Worst batch I have ever used.
So a little background.

Have a disc I wanter to print nothing special 200 mm dia 5 mm thick.
Set it to run @190 with stock feed rate as that works well for most other brands.
So start another and use 200’C as the temperature.
OK well lest check things out on the machine as it may just be me. Nope machine is all good threw another brand in just to check the first few passes and it was looking good.
Swap back to snapmaker black and manually purge the last colour.
Tried a few ( on the fly) changes in feed, flow, temperature and it seemed that 225’ C was about the best result but quality was still p…poor.
Babysit the machine and it appears the filament itself is actually much too soft so play (a LOT) with extruder tension and don’t really get anywhere with the only real option being to push feed after releasing pressure.

It is ONLY this brand and clearly when you purchase a “brand name” you would expect a little more attention to quality / detail.

Open to any suggestions to get this crap to print so I don’t simply have to throw it in the garbage.

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Unfortunately, it seems that there is a lot of variance in the rolls shipped by SnapMaker. I am curious if this is a recent order or an old one as they supposedly switch suppliers at some point, though info on this is spotty.

The only suggestions I can make are trying to try it out using a dehydrator or oven at a low temperature (50 Celcius or so, I’d search the forums for specifics). I’ve also seen adding additional cooling and printing at high temperatures being mentioned, though I don’t think it ended up being tried.

At the end of the day, you might have just gotten a bad roll, which is definitely not uncommon to see while looking through the forums. If you want to see others trying to deal with SnapMaker PLA I’d recommend looking through this thread.

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It arrived about 2 months ago and was not opened until today.
The room I have the printer in has its own good brand de-humidifier so I really doubt the humidity issues.
All other brand print right from the get go.
Just the snapmaker brand that seems to be garbage.

As somebody on a pension its hard for me to forgive a $30+ purchase like this.
Swapped to a NO-NAME brand and although the wrong colour for the project it already makes the name brand look like a bunch of twirly brown smelly stuff and I am not talking about filament LOL.

I would just write it off as a loss, as I explain in my thread that @bobby4718 referred to. Some people are saying that only certain rolls are affected, but I do not believe that to be the case. When I asked people who were saying that there is nothing wrong with their Snapmaker black PLA, to perform some stress tests, they all failed. Just because something may look nice, does not mean that the filament is any good. If you have another printer that can print at ~215°C and can move a massive amount of air for cooling, you might be able to use it.

I have only tested the Snapmaker black PLA. I do have spools of the Snapmaker white PLA, red PETG, or blue PETG yet, but I haven’t tried using any of them yet. I have been printing with other brands, and have not had a single issue printing with any of them that could be blamed on the filament. I have run into TPU issues, but that is 100% due to the poor design of the extruder. To print TPU, you need to reduce the pressure applied to the filament, and it will print beautifully as well.

Zero problems with TPU even though it is getting put down on a cold bed.
Yes I do reduce the pressure a LOT for it.

I went all way up to 235 with the black but no real change and the fan has a pretty decent CFM. So much so I added the big 12mm LED to bring it down.
First 2/3 layers here tend to go down with just the regular extract on before the cooler fan kicks in.

Oh and thanks for the link. I may just have to firgow using snapmaker brand in favour of more no name and save some money in the process.

I’ve been using OVERTURE filaments for pretty much everything. They average around $25/kilo on Amazon, and I’ve never run into any problems. MatterHackers Build Series is in the same price range, and they have some really nice transparent options, but you’ll need to pay for shipping outside of California. Snapmaker is stating that their filament is just a rebranding of Sun, so you might want to stay away from it.

Have a GREAT weekend!