Blow out on the new hotend

Well I was fairly pleased with the new hot ends arrived, I won’t say they were amazing but they worked like they were supposed to, which was nice. But unfortunately this morning I woke up to this. This is puzzling to me since The new hot ends are a single body so it’s not like this was an issue of the heat brake and nozzle not being correctly tightened nor would it have caused this from doing a nozzle change cold. Thankfully I was able just to remove the hot end itself and it all came out. But honestly I’m sitting here and waffling on whether or not I want to order a new set of hot ends. The first ones obviously sucked, the second one seemed to work well. But at this point I feel like I have invested an necessary amount of money into this machine money and attention that my other five printers have not needed. I’m on the fence so by the end of the day I’m either going to order a new set of hot ends or I’m just going to put the J1 out on my curb and let some other poor soul wrestle with it. I really wanted to like this machine. It certainly wasn’t from lack of effort.

Looks like the print let loose, then plugged the nozzle. Filament had no where else to go….:boom:

The leftmost well formed red part shows, that the print started regulary. The red strings on the right side suggests, that the part was lifted from the print bed. And the big blue blobs shows that the part finally sticked to the left nozzle collecting all the material.
So it’s not an issue of the hot end but of the print bed adhesion.

I can understandable to feel hesitant about investing more into the machine after the mixed experiences with the first and second sets. Considering the time and money already spent, it’s a tough decision whether to give it another try or move on from it.

Hi @Adamwg80

The possibility of new hotend overflow seems less likely. I think what FlashErase mentioned could be the case. It’s recommended to troubleshoot based on this wiki page: If the issue persists, please get in touch with our Support and they will help. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

I had to modify my tool change script so it pushes -2mm filament after a tool change. Otherwise the nozzle would start to hit the wipe tower hard.