Sketch-Up Pro STL not read correctly in LUBAN

I am learning how to carve precise objects on my SM350. I created a 3D object in Sketch-up pro and saved it as .stl. However when importing in Luban to create a G-code, Luban doesn’t seem to create the right carving path and it looks completely wrong. I tried all kind of .stl model such as removing the solid and keep only the shell, but that doesn’t help. Can someone give me some tipps what I’m doing wrong. See the model in the attachment.
Cocktailhand_Test1.stl (29.5 KB)

Keep in mind that Luban is VERY rudimentary with it’s CNC CAM function. It literally only does surface engraves with STLs. It creates a depth map to engrave on a flat surface. You’ll need to use something like Fusion360 or Kiri:Moto for a real CAM experience to do real CNC milling.

While I don’t know exactly what you’re expecting, this is the simulation (take Luban’s simulations with a grain of salt, they’re pretty bad) that I get when loading it.

Compared to Fusion360’s simulation;

Thank you for taking your time. I realized, that Luban doesn’t really perform to satisfaction. I will follow your advise and use another software. Hope to be more successful there.

Good luck, hope you get to making awesome things. :slight_smile: