X Y Axis issues

When 3D printing, there is an offset as soon as the direction of movement of the printhead changes. This offset exists in both X and Y directions.
How can I adjust the spindle play?

I use Simplify3D.


The print in the picture doesn’t look so bad.
You don’t need to play with the spindles.
What you should do is play with the thin wall infill in Simplify3D.

PS: Sorry for my English - I’m from Austria…

I am now one step further. I think I have found the mistake. On the X-axis was within the linear unit, two screws on the drive nut loose. I am currently testing again.

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This has been brought up previously in the forum.

I print some new parts. The problem is fixed.
inside one of the linear axes, two screws were loose. See Picture

The same part printed again.

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In this case. Only if you have found the error yourself, you know what keywords should have been in the forum. Presumably you mean her topic “Beware of loose Lead Screw Nut fasteners”.

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When I first got my Snapmaker, I had heard of those screws working loose, so I opened all three modules and discovered that two of them had loose screws and the screws in the other were barely snug. I added Loctite to the screws to make sure they wouldn’t back out again.

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