Better filament?

Anyone have a good filament that you use? I’ve typically used hatchbox but lately I’ve been having problems with their quality. One came brittle and broke off in my hand before I fed it into the machine. One was extremely tangled and another had a bubble. Any other reputable and consistent filaments any one is using?

I have been exclusively using 3DFuel on all my machines. Their material seems to be really good, and a variety of printing tempatures. The the “refuel” a recycled filament, is the same quality of material but inconsistent in color and you don’t get to choose the color. So I make sure to always use it for projects that will either be painted, or projects where I want to test the print first before making the final version.

Cool, I’ll give it a try, I’m not too concerned about color as I’m using it for prototyping. I’ll also give a spool of SunLu a try