Best way to make Medal holders

I have the Snap Maker 2.0 that I got from preorders in 2020 with original modules.

I want to make some Medal Holders for the Conqueror Challenges that I am doing and I want to be able to make them different for every metal with laser engraving and the like. I have to designs I’ve hammered out as all the holders I have seen have the Hexagons orientated the ‘flat’ way instead of the ‘point up’ way. The first one would be cut from 1/8 material and then glued together, either with the Laser or the CNC, the other would be carved out from 3/8 material on the CNC, I know the side holes on the second one would have to be done manually after the action. I also know that I won’t get sharp corners with the CNC on the interior milling, I’m fine with radiused corners.

So my questions would be, how would you guys suggest I go about this? Which one would be easier to get done with the options available with the stock 2.0? How could I convert the models I’ve made in SketchUP to Luban? What materials could I use for the first option?