Need help with CNC engraving

Hi guys,
I’ve started usign my CNC module but I think I need your help:
I’ve engraved the Dragon found in Thingiverse on a wood and everything works fine.
After taht I’d like to try to use Fusion 360 so I’ve just drow down a circle and afetr following the guide to import the Snapmaker bits and post productoin I’ve generate my engravingsetup and post pocess for Snapmaker.
After laoding the .cnc file generated by Fufion 360 on Snapmakerjs and after setup the orign I’ve started up the job… everithings seems fine but it perform just one pass of 1mm. I’d like to do 0.1mm pass but can’t find a way.

Can you please help me? What is worng? The Fusion settings or?

here there is the circle cnc file I’ve made:
circle.cnc (3.8 KB)
Circle.rar (60.3 KB)

Try it with Luban.
I think there is a targetdepth and a step down depth to put in.

If I create text or import a vector file in Snapmakerjs It Is possible to set those parameters and then generate the gcode.

I’m using Fusion 360 (I’m new also in Fusion) to generate the gcode file (.cnc) so that I have jest to import it on the workspace and start the job

When using Fusion 360 pay attention on the Manufacture Setup: there is the Stock material option that may add some offset (in my case 1mm) on top of your body.

Sorry maybe this is a very simple configuraton that all of you know but I’m new also in Fusion. :slight_smile:

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What settings did you use for the dragon in wood? What kind of wood did you use?