Leveling mesh doesn't seem to actually be applied


I’ve been having a lot of adhesion problems since updating my firmware to 1.10.1.

I’ve tried a few different approaches to bed leveling at this point. Including preheating the build platform 0, 5, and 10 c higher then I print with and then doing the ABL, using Tone’s excel sheet with the generated “Tweak” matrix, using G1029 P10 (and 7, and 11), G1029 A, adjusting nozzle height, G1029 S, the built in ABL 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5, going into settings and rerunning the entire first 3dprinting guide, disabling ABL and doing a manual level on the 5x5. I’ve also disassembled and reassembled the build plate checked all screws made sure I was using the correct screws and cleaned the bed using a the provided cloth (and flipped it over to the entirely unused surface). At this point I’m considering taking the bed up as a deity in hopes it will show some mercy, and finally breaking down and asking for help.

I’ll reply to this post momentarily with a shaky phone video (sorry for quality) showing the guide leveling and the ensuing print attempt. It appears like the level is decent enough right where you do the manual check with the calibration card, however the four corners (and really anything outside of the center of the build platform) just prints in the air. I did the guide video because it actually gets the best results so far. doing a normal 5x5 is printing high enough in the air the filament is able to complete it’s upward curve before touching the plate (using z-offset in the print shows it falls in the range of [-0.15, -0.25]mm before the plastic starts to stick (with gaps even).

The best idea I have at this point is that the leveling mesh just isn’t being applied, though I’ve added M420 S1 to the start of gcode (right after G28) to ensure it is and confirmed via an Octoprint terminal.

I’ve run out of ideas, anyone else seeing these results? Or perhaps even better anyone have any ideas on where to go from here?

Tested with SM2 black pla and MH white ABS, I have some Overture PETG coming in tomorrow, but would like to fix leveling before I try to use that. :wink:


Can’t help you with the leveling mesh. Better qualified people here to do that.

I will say that a lot of people have had problems with the SM PLA. Enough so that if you are having problems with it you should just throw it out. ABS is difficult if not impossible to print without an enclosure and probably need to use something like magigoo with it. PETG is easier to print than ABS, but more difficult than PLA.
So get some decent PLA and get that working before you try anything else.
If you want to try the PETG, use gluestick, hairspray or painters tape so you don’t end up with it permanently stuck to your bed.

Yeah trying the petg because the pla parts can’t handle the heat where I live. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is if left outside they get soft and deform quickly (took about 20 minutes when I tested)

I should also mention I printed nearly a KG of PLA perfectly fine across the entire build plate before this started happening.

Tone’s excel sheet did actually work, I was dumb and entered the wrong command when assigning the tweak values.

M420 I0J0 Q-.35 just doesn’t work quite as well :stuck_out_tongue:

@Snapmaker: Please, please. Improve auto leveling to use a heated build platform. My garage was 80F(26.7C) this afternoon, the difference between the 60C platform and the ambient was 0.28-0.35mm on 7 of the 9 points for a 3x3 calibration.

I have not attempted 80C for the ABS yet, but I have no expectation it will work without another manual calibration pass.