Base 3d Print Head wont auto calibrate with Quick Swap kit

I got and installed my quick swap kit a while ago and was using it fine with my base CNC tool head, but I swapped to the base single nozzle 3d print tool head and the auto level feature fails constantly.

The tool head will travel to home and then to the first calibration point. Then get probably 10mm from the plate and then slowly lower as expected. However, it does not stop and just keeps going into the plate causing it to deform and then moves to the center and says calibration failed.

I have triple checked that everything is installed in the correctly in accordance with the quick swap install guide (correct holes on both the mounting bracket and the tool head attachment) and I am on the latest firmware version as of today. The quick swap installed indicator is showing as green on the home screen and is selected when I go into the settings to make sure it is set.

Has anyone else experienced this or have advice on resolving it?

I am using an Artisan which has the quick swap as default. Changing the toolheads between the modules did not cause any issues for me.

I would assume that the sensor in the toolhead isn’t working properly any longer.

You did put the magnetic print surface on the heater bed?..