Assembly complete on my SM2

Finally had time to assemble my SM2-350 and enclosure which was straight forward and not hard at all. I throw the switch and starts right up but the touch screen does not swipe left or right to allow me to access any menu’s what am I doing wrong?

I did find the touchscreen a tad less responsive than that on my note 9, though I chalked that up to the individual hardware components. Did you try starting from the edge? Maybe a restart? If you can get to the menu for it don’t forget to update your firmware (load the file onto the flash drive via your computer and plug the drive into the machine, then select it the same way you would a g-code file. Flash drive files are in a tab at the bottom right of the file selection screen.)

Also, do the stupidly obvious if you haven’t already: turn the machine on and walk away for a couple of minutes, then come back. It takes a while to complete its startup sequence, and won’t be responsive until it does.

I have tried everything I can think of. The get started and next button on the touch screen work when I got them and the slider on the nozzle temperature setting works. But doesn’t matter what screen I’m looking at on the touch screen it will not swipe left or right. Can the firmware be updated without having access to the menu s on the touch screen?