Cannot access Settings via Touchscreen

I setup Wifi on Snapmaker2 and I can connect via Luban. I also can turn on the enclosure LEDs, put Snapmaker to home location all via Luban. I can confirm Wifi connection on touch screen, but other than that I am either on details screen when connected to Wifi or on Laser Getting Started guide screen when Snapmaker2 starts. I can click on touchscreen and get through the guide, jog the head around, but swiping left to get to Settings does not work. And yes, I did try “other left” :slight_smile: And even up and down. I removed protection foil over the touchscreen in case that would be the problem.

So my question might seem basic but: How do I access “Home” screen or “Settings menu” on Snapmaker2 touchscreen?

Did you try swiping left?

Yes, I did. And right and up and down. Maybe it is a firmware problem - could I update firmware via Luban?

I just received my snapmaker 2 and can not get it to update?

you have to update via the usb

it wont update over the air until the next version.

where is it stuck at on the screen is it trying to make you finalize calibration?

It is on Getting started for the Laser, and I can click next, set material thickness, then jog around to origin point and set origin and stuff, but I thought I can access settings from anywhere? Do I need to finalize calibration first?

You do on 3d printing anyhow

i would assume the same for laser i guess.

you cant get to the full settings from anywhere but the idle screen, but there are adjustment settings for the processes.

I’ve tried everything that they have said to do but no luck. Does your power module make a kinda clunking noise when it starts up?

My power module? No, my linear modules will clunk at first a bit when powering up.

What happens if you dont plug in a print head and power up?

I have not used laser or cnc at all, so i am not going to be able to offer much assistance unfortunately.

The good news is i am not really that helpful to begin with, there are much better people than i. Will just need to wait for them to come by :slight_smile:

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OK, so here I am answering my own question. Until head is not calibrated you cannot access Settings or Home menu.

From my perspective, this is strange, as I would like to run a firmware update before doing anything. Now laser and camera is calibrated with old firmware, and I will probably recalibrate it just in case.

I did first start my machine with cnc head for making updates. Afterwards I mounted the print head for my first prints.


Yeah, it seems stupid but its just kinda how it is

oh thats cool so the CNC didnt make you do any kind of calibration first? if thats the case this is something i will for sure tell people when they have a problem like this

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