Artisan Rotary chord too short

Little disappointed in Snapmaker regarding the rotary module and its use on the Artisan. As shipped its useless, you cannot use with the Artisan and enclosure. The cable provided is WAY too short, even if you try to run under the side of the enclosure. Trying to order the extension and it says i won’t receive till end of July. Thats 60 days from now on something that should have been included with the rotary module to begin with.

Snapmaker, I’m trying REALLY hard to like you but seriously this is just not expectable for Artisan owners!!

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Same here. I waited for the assembly fix kit to fix my dual 3d extruded and now when I finally get to having some fun with the $599 rotary module the cable is 2 feet too short??? How does this even happen because even the length it’s at now the Artisan controller anywhere on the outside of the enclosure wouldn’t be long enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love the design of my Artisan and also the rugged metal frame, and the quality of the rotary but it’s all useless if the cable is too short.

But the extension cable is on stock now:

And on the shopping page of the rotary module there is a clear notification:


  • Rotary Module Bundle: Snapmaker 2.0 (A150 Excluded)
  • Rotary Module: Snapmaker Artisan, Snapmaker Ray, Snapmaker 2.0 (A150 Excluded)
  • When using the Rotary Module on Snapmaker Artisan or Ray, you need to have the Extension cord. Please add it to the cart together.

So, order the cord and enjoy the rotary module! :slight_smile:

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Yea, I bought this module April 2 with a delivery mid May with all the issues on the dual extractor I finally got around to the rotary module. Now if they have ever advertised on the Internet, a snapshot of the site most likely has been captured by

After reviewing for this day the extension verbiage wasn’t in there. Thank you for checking the language

When you are not satisfied and feel cheated, you should directly write an email to maybe they can arrange Something. I was Happy Most time with them (as Long as you do Not need technical Help :wink: ).

This is a User forum and noone wants to “lie” here. Check your words.

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I was wondering why my support ticket was automatically put in this post. So sorry to blast you, originally I submitted the support ticket online and thought you were responding as support.snapmaker Thank you for your reply.

So I did submit another ticket, this time using your recommendations on email and they responded back, were friendly and refunded my cost to order.

This was because I ordered the main Artisan back in November when it was released and once I received in April I decided then, since I loved the build materials and how massive it was, to buy the other modules (rotary, air purifier, hardened hot end, extra filters).

They mentioned in the email that since I did buy module separately the system didn’t automatically add the cable or warn me of this pending issue.

No worries, have one on order and should be back up soon. Thanks again for your advice