Artisan Luban Laser Camera not working

When in Luban I want to capture the camera to place my drawing, I get a blue square.

When I look in “AppData\Roaming\snapmaker-luban\Tmp”, I see that camera properly captured the bed and board.

But the stitched images are blue.

So the issue seems internal to Luban, unable to stitch?

Anyone saw that?

Hi, yes same problem here. Using Luban 4.8.0.
When I click start, I see the board and bed captured correctly appearing as 0.jpg in the Tmp folder, and then a plain blue file named “stitchedEach0_53613052.jpg” appearing next to it.
This blue picture is what appears as background when I click Confirm instead of the board picture 0.jpg.
If I click “calibrate”, then I get the old picture of the sheet of paper with the square cut in it, used for the initial calibration.

Could you find any workaround, @SimonFili ?