Anyone Happy with Artisan

About “the wedge”. I couldn’t see my extruder loosening when i checked after a failed print, however i would still like to try this. I printed the wedges, but i cant get them in. If i try to press in anymore, something will break definitely. am i doing something wrong?

These rubber pads are probably already installed when the Artisan was last delivered. I think then the wedges have no more place.

Your filament runout sensor will break. Apparently it gets bent out of whack, but it’s difficult to take apart the head to fix it, and Snapmaker pretty much ignores the issue.

Mine broke in a month

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I think the key question is “what’s your expectation”? If you want an out-of-the-box solution that ‘just works’, then no, the Artisan (or likely any Snapmaker) is probably not for you. This is a complex and finicky maker’s tool that took me several hours to set up and more than a week to calibrate. And you know what? That’s pretty par for the course. Even outside of the problems with the initial production run (looking at you, dual extruder), you’ll often be tweaking print settings to find what works for you on a day-to-day, filament-to-filament basis. I look at this as the nature of the industry as it currently exists more than a hit against Snapmaker or the Artisan.

I’ve definitely had issues, both related to the current state of the product and my ramping up my own knowledge of it. Having said that, I’ve been pretty happy with the responsiveness of support and the level of transparency around the early issues with the unit and what’s required to deal with them.

If you’re willing to spend time with it and learn its quirks, you can make great things. But it will require that attention to get reasonable quality out of it.

We love our Artisan…been using for about a year, and love the flexibility of the various capabilities. Like you, we prefer our Flashforge Adventurer 3 for pure 3D printing. But, for producing personalized gifts such as etched drinking glasses, Yeti’s, cutting boards, lighted glass pictures, this is an amazing machine.
Attached a photo of some of our work…we love the machine!

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