Any tutorials available?

Hello everyone,

Are there any tutorials for 3D Printing beginners using the SnapMaker? I’ve been trying to print something but the filament won’t stick to the bed no matter what temperature I set it to.

I went through the book to make sure that the bed was leveled, I did the calibration again and again, played a little bit around with the manual settings AND tryed the pre-configured settings but nothing seems to work.

Thanks for your help and happy holidays! :smiley:


Hi Alex

We will release a short video tutorial to teach how to use snapmaker for 3D printing. The problem of not sticking to hot bed is a common issue. You may try this:

  1. First, make sure all component works well, especially the head bed, like if it is heated to a target temperature.
  2. Try to calibrate again and make the distance a little bit tight between nozzle and heat bed;
  3. Set the snapmaker3D as mentioned in this article:
  4. Try again and oberserve what happened, if it’s not work, contact us on, we will help you to fix it.

Thanks a lot for the very fast answer Noah. I will try it right now. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:. It’s a long learning curve, keep trying and have fun ~

Found another source of education at Instructables have a look at


Hi Alex:

This is the link of 3D Printing tutorial:

The calibration part is not so much clear, it won’t help if you have problems on calibration. We will optimize it soon. However, it will help you know the whole process of 3D printing, The calibration part need practice, keep trying and have fun~

And thanks, @doug :slight_smile: You’re so kind~

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Good day everyone,

@doug & @Noah: Thank you both for your help, I finally got it working perfectly and was able to print my very first piece. I really love the SnapMaker! :slight_smile:

Thanks again and have an excellent day :slight_smile:


Hi Alex and Noah

Always happy to help as are all the Snapmaker forum members, we are all learning and the sharing of contributions make the journey so much easier.

I posted the following entries to another forum member some time back who was getting into Fusion 360 (like me).

Wishing you all a great 2018


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Hey Alex. Could I ask what you did to get the filament to stick to the bed? I have had no luck. Thanks.

Hi @jasono94!

I did the calibration again but that time I made sure the piece of paper I was using, between the bed and the nozzle, had a little more resistance when I pulled on it.

After that I went in the custom configuration in SnapMaker3D and set the “initial bed temperature” to 65 (it’s very cold in my house right now).

That’s about it, if you can’t get it to work let me know. I’ll try to guide you as best as I can via Skype or something. :slight_smile:


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The temp may be the thing. I was running at 50. I’ll give 65 a go in the morning.
Thanks for the response.

Well the temp change itself didn’t do the trick but it did get closer. I added the skirt option and manually held down the first few fly-aways with the tweezers and it started sticking. I started and stopped a few prints and they started sticking on their own. I almost wonder if I got some kind of residue on the plate that worked itself off. Either way, it’s working now. Thanks for the help.

I had issues with sticking too. I’m kind of late to respond but maybe some of the info in my post might help you?

@jasono94 @mrlex099


white background seems to be going well, admittedly i forgot about the other image thanks for all the help doug!

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I am so glad you are off and running, we are all learning.

Keep having fun