Android Developer mode on snapmaker screen

Android (Snapmaker too) has a developer mode.
On Snapmaker A350 screen this can be accessed by going into settings and then selecting the About machine.
Tap this 5 times on the machine picture and you can then enter Developer mode.

When this has been activated you get 2 extra buttons Factory and Experiment.

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If you don’t mind, what options are available once developer mode is enabled? What is added under those two options. And can you disable developer mode once enabled?

If it’s a normal android device (which it seems to be), you can disable the developer options from the developer options.

As an android developer, this gets me super excited because this means maybe side-loading apps :nerd_face:

It’s not. It’s a debug interface for the Snapmaker UI. It’s not ADB. Connecting the USBC to a PC does absolutely nothing.

Aww, that’s too bad.

Just stumbled across the developer mode - two questions:

  • The Factory App is in Chinese for me - is there a way to switch it to English, or does anyone have the translations of the menu items?
  • How do I leave the developer mode? It survives a power cycle! ← Edit: Found this in another thread - Tap once on the machine image.

Yea, the menu is only Chinese, there’s no way to switch to English since they didn’t even bother translating (there’s no English strings on the app).

I decompiled the app, and it seems it has an extra app in it that updates the main app when it gets a new version from the Internet, but I assume since it’s Android, it’s probably checking the signature of the app, so you’re not gonna be able to patch the app the machine runs.

You could try to build a copy of the app for another phone, and see if you could run the machine via a USB OTG connection, be t I heavily doubt that would work, and it’d be a lot of reverse engineering to even understand how the touchscreen<>machine protocol works.

Here’s a Google translate of the screen, none of them seem particularly useful outside of the factory

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