Alternates for luban operating software

Does anyone know what other programs can run the snapmaker 2.0? Will Rhinoceros work for example?

You might need to be more specific; run it how? A lot of users use Cura for 3D printing, LightBurn for laser, and Fusion360 for CNC, but as far as I know none of them can do the actual command console and manual movements for the machine, they are just slicers for the object files.

Lightburn can actually fully control the Snapmaker for the laser. Cura or Prusaslicer are much better for 3d printing, though you either have to use the USB or Luban to send it to the machine (I think Cura had a transfer plugin though). And as @Mxbrnr mentioned, Fusion360 is a lot more powerful and real CAM software for CNC projects, you’ll need the post-processor though.

@Skreelink You are correct about Cura, it can send the gcode file directly to the machine if the Snapmaker plugin for Cura is installed. Good to know about Lightburn too, thanks for that info; I have been considering switching over to it for my laser use.

I made a guide for it. :slight_smile:

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I’m not seeing a Snapmaker plugin - where can I find it?

This is what I could find, apparently no longer in the cura store, so you have to sideload manually. I don’t know much about it, as I use Prusaslicer mostly. Maybe @Mxbrnr can chime in?

I generally use Cura for slicing then use Octoprint for managing the actual printing process. Ideally, some sufficiently talented people would write the necessary plugins to allow Octoprint to manage the laser and CNC functions as well, but I am not holding my breath.

@Skreelink Yeah, have to download it through GitHub now. Not sure why it got removed from the Cura Marketplace, but I read that several users had been helping the developer fix some bugs in it over the past few weeks, and the version they released on Git (8.1?) is several iterations newer than the latest that was on the Marketplace (7.3 I think?). Perhaps they will re-upload it at some point.