Alternative print sheet for auto-leveling?

I’d like to get another print sheet to use other than the glass one that I have, so I can do the auto-leveling. However it seems that the 2.0 double sided print sheet is no longer available.
Has anyone found an alternative that works with the auto-leveling?

Here in Portugal it is available:

just write to for parts, they should be able to sell it.
if you want something that works with the stock leveling sensor - you need metal. Search the forum, people posted alternative build plates that work with stock extruder.

I purchased a third party print sheet recently, its kind of nice.

Fulament PEI Sheet Plate for Voron Select Mini V1 and Voron Select Mini V2 | Smooth & Textured Magnetic Bed | Fula-Flex 2.0 | 120 x 120: Industrial & Scientific

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What size you got?

I purchased a product similar to this on AliExpress, and it is excellent.

If you send a message to the shop, they will assist you with size changes.
I purchased a product that is compatible with PLA and TPU in sizes for the 250.

The first layer can be printed much more cleanly compared to the genuine print sheets. I am creating a tool to guide a 0.5mm drill, and with the genuine sheet, the first layer would often get squashed. Since using this sheet, I am able to create clean holes. The genuine sheet has an issue where the detected height by the sensor does not match the height on the sheet’s surface. Additionally, it tends to peel internally over time, leading to even greater height discrepancies. In the case of a product like this one, there is no change in height even with prolonged use, making it stable. I have just started using it, so its durability is still unknown.
I wish I had encountered this sooner.

Tip: The 11x11 calibration is used, and the distance between the sheet and the head is set to 0.2 mm.


I got the 365 x 335 for the a350

Thanks all for the replies and suggestions!

I ended up contacting support because I also needed the tool head cable. That’s what the problem ended up being with my extruder nightmares. So I got a print surface from them too. I thi;k I’m going to try the other options people have suggested here too.