Glass bed suggestion

I suggest a 3mm thick borosilicate glass bed surface be designed, removable just like the current sticker sheets but non flexible and glass. With integrated magnetic/steel sheet on the bottom to eliminate the need for clips or clamps and a top pei sheet identical to the current bed sheets so the proximity sensor will still work for auto leveling. In short instead of having the flexible steel sheet sandwiched in between the outer pei surfaces like the current surface sheets it would instead be 3mm borosilicate glass, it would be flatter and subsequently subdue a lot of the issues with “hills” on the bed. While I know that a stronger heated bed is in the works the glass build sheet would also be valid for that as well.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Because the working area is large (350 * 330mm or 500 * 500 mm), the manufacturers cannot guarantee the absolute flatness of the flexible sheet.

Our CAE engineers are thinking about the specially-coated glass bed for new machines.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I found someone that makes a perfect dimensional borosilicate glass bed for the Snapmaker 2.0, all sizes. I was thinking of trying to slap a thermally conductive magnet sheet on the bottom, and a pei sticker on top and see what happens. I’ve purchased a separate 3D print head for testing reasons in case it runs into the bed because the sensor can’t detect it. But with the pei sticker on top it should pick it up.

Cut to size magnetic sheet

Cut to size pei sticker

Checking to see if you had an update on this topic? How did your experiment go? I’m thinking of replicating your steps. I’m fairly new to snapmaker.

@uday i ended up just getting a couple of large silicone thermal pads and stuck them to the bottom of the glass, holds it in place perfectly when hot and still let’s the glass be removable when cold. No need for glass clips. Then I took out the leveling sensor in the print head and put in an IR sensor from duet3d so I can still auto level.