Variability in PLA spools?

Not sure if this is normal or not. I have a large print running, and I ran out of filament part way through. I knew this would happen, and had another spool of the same stuff around to finish. This was the effect:

Not the end of the world, since this is going to be painted anyway, but still very odd to have the same manufacturer/color ordered maybe 3 months apart be THAT different. Is this typical? These are the filament spools:

I suppose if you look at the labels it’s a slightly different green on them, which just implies that they may have just redefined what “green” is. I guess this is just a warning to not assume that manufacturers won’t change their colours on you?

Otherwise I haven’t really had a problem with the Eryone filament, and it’s pretty cheap from Amazon here in Canada.

The good manufacturers will specify Pantone colour numbers for their filament. Without a guarantee like that, yeah, I’d expect it to vary from batch to batch (and those spools are pretty clearly from different batches).