All bed screws came off during the print

Hello, very unluckily situation happen

During my print, all of the screws came off at some point and as a result, my heating bed got damaged by the bed mount still running back and forward, because doing all of my prints with Octoprint and I have an IR camera hooked up to it so I have situation recorded. Every screenshot is done on a new layer

EDIT: unluckily forum does not allow me to post more that one image attachment, because I’m a new user, I’m adding this link to Google Drive but it might be invalid someday in the future

Right now everything is OK


This is where things started to break, you can see screw under the bed

image: MacBook_Air_Stand__20200905000808-200

Now something like 100 layers later this started to happen

image: MacBook_Air_Stand__20200905000808-314

As you can see the bed is rotated now and from now on things are getting worse and worse, at this point it visible that the bed is completely unscrew

image: MacBook_Air_Stand__20200905000808-317

… and probably now bed was damaged by mount.

image: MacBook_Air_Stand__20200905000808-324

OK, so you might say that I didn’t screw this bed enough, but I’ve mounted this bed 2 months ago (due to a problem with the previous bed) and I did run plenty of prints since then, also before this failing print I run another one and when I was removing the previous print from the bed I didn’t feel screws being loose. Also, this failed after over half of the print was already done.

The bed I have currently is using nuts instead of thread inserts

I’m not sure what to do in that case to prevent this in the future. The bed is usable but damaged on the very edge.

I would suggest to fasten the screws from time to time. Maybe use light threadlocker.
The Spaghetti Detective could also be a solution, to stop at some point if it fails.