PROBLEM: nozzle damaged print bed and can I get a placement heater bed - and why would the nozzle go so low?

After spending 3 hours on Sat. fixing a problem with replacing the filament and getting the printer to print, the printer nozzle has badly scoured my print bed. It printed fine the first time after fixing.

I re-calibrated once but my second print all of a sudden would not stick to the bed so I re-calibrated again a little lower (the nozzle left a mark in the paper). I went to print and the nozzle was so low that it damaged the plastic in the bed and even scratched the aluminum. Why would do this? Anyone experienced this?

Also can I get a replacement bed? I can’t find the store in the web site.

Very frustrated,
Jose Rodriguez

You didnt mention if you have snapmaker original or snapmaker 2 ?

I think the bed is available online for snapmaker 2.0

He has an original. Because the 2.0 didn’t exist more than 2 years ago :thinking:


Wow a reply 6 months later! Thanks but it is OBE.
Given the problems in my post, the fact that replacing filament is not easy (I tear the print head every time) and the small base, I got a new printer from a different vendor. I need to test the engraving heads though. Thanks anyway. Jose

Lolz… I am new here… I missed the fact that this was posted 2 years ago !

Oh yeah 2 years ago… I did use the printer a fair amount after I posted. I was able to make it work (using rafts every time as nothing would stick. But this year I wanted to print large items and got something much easier to use. The snapmaker is in the garage with a broken filament (It was breaking like weekly)

Broken filament might be due to moisture in the filament. It’s hygroscopic, attracting moisture from the air. You may be able to revive it by getting the moisture out by using a food dehydrator or an oven. Temperature will depend on the filament.