Alarm buzzer on SnapamkerJs

Hi Team

A suggestion for SnapmakerJS. This may sound like an odd suggestion, it would be nice to have the equivalent of an alarm clock buzzer on the PC that continually rings when a print job is complete.

This would alert the user that the job is finished and of course there would be a means to turn off the alarm. This would only work when printing via a USB cable.


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Of course if they could do that, they could use the same signal to shut the printer down. An option perhaps.

:bulb: Just had an idea; A microswitch mounted such that the printhead would activate it when it travels to the uppermost position (as it does when a print is finished). Said microswitch (when wired NC) could switch off the power. A simple bypass switch would ensure operation until the print starts.

@doug: You could even use the NO contact for an alarm circuit :postal_horn:

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if you are using Octopi, I believe you can send an SMS message to your self.

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