Adjusting Settings During Engraving - Does it Work?

After I send a file to the machine, I’ve sometimes wanted to adjust the settings – laser power, specifically. But I don’t think this works or changes anything and I’d like to verify this point with other users.
What do you folks think – is it really possible to adjust the laser power on the machine handset, before engraving or during a pause?
Thank you.

Adjusting on the touchscreen works for me OK.

If the gcode file specifies power when it turns the laser on then it will override what you set on the touchscreen.

Does the file turn the laser on with M3 or use M3 Pxx

I see, thank you for the info. Does anyone know where this info appears in the on-line manual, or anywhere else?
Not sure about M3 or… etc.

Laser power is one of the settings in the toolpath, is there a way to make gcode without specifying the power? I have the same problem with 3d printing temperatures. I would love to understand how this works and be able to make adjustments while in process.