Laser power drops after using touch screen for first time - PLEASE HELP

I was able to successfully engrave on this brand new original snapmaker at 70% power with no problem on over 20 items (Installed new 64 bit program on 04/24/2020), but after using the touchscreen pad today to move the laser head to see how it worked, my power has dropped and is barely visible! Even at 80, 90, and 100% power, the light will become slightly brighter, but still has no effect on the wood whatsoever!

Please help! I’m using the windows version, and the touchscreen USB was plugged in since first installment. I have since unplugged the touchscreen, and reinstalled snapmakerjs with no change.


Did you focus the laser new, after moving the head?


Yes, I did refocused it, and hit save. It’s acting very dull now. I still have not found a solution.

Thanks for your reply.

Did you adjust the power settings for the file? You can manually set the power to 100% (you must tick the box next to Fix Power) and test engrave to check if the laser module works properly.

Maybe you are using the Snapmaker 2.0? You mentioned that the touchscreen uses the USB, not the RJ cable. If it is the Snapmaker 2.0 machine, you may check the laser settings. Go to touchscreen > Control > Laser power, then check if the laser power is too low.

Sorry about that, it is not a USB but the snapmaker original RJ cable. This is the smaller snapmaker, but it has a 200 milli watt laser engraver, rather than the 1600 mw like the one I purchased in 2018.

What would happen when you tap on Control<> Laser/CNC Off? The laser should come out with 100% power. And you may use another laser module to have try if you have the extra one.