Adding an extra fan?

Hi Snapmaker users!

I want to add an extra fan to my Snapmaker, but I have no idea how. Do you guys have any pointers or do you know any tutorials?

Thank you,

Like this?

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Or this:

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Like both of those! But how do I actually power the fan? I was thinking about getting a small fan but I can’t find ones with USB connectors :confused:

Just look for a 5V DC fan and wire a USB plug to it. I’m sure there are resources on the web for which pins to connect.

So soldering should do the trick! It doesn’t look like any resistors are needed. I may get some battery converters and see if I can hook a fan up to a battery instead of USB :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

It would be nice to have a remix of the two, with the fan mounting of the first and the module mounting of the second. My main concern would be adding mass to the print head with either solution.