SnapMaker Accessory Mount

So I wanted a way to securely mount a better part cooling fan to the 3D printing module so I designed this:

It sits on the front bend of the module and attaches with two long ZIP ties wrapped around the module. The holes are designed to be tapped with an M3 tap and then whatever accessory you want to attach just needs to use M3 bolts.

I am in the process of designing a blower style part cooling fan that will attach to this. I can also see this as a good way to attach LEDs or even a camera.


Does the zip tie closest to the nozzle interfere with the auto-zeroing that it seems to do at the beginning of the print? (When it drops down till the limit switch seems to be hit, I mean.)

Very good point. Honestly have not tested it while actively printing. I know there was some clearance when I designed it and it looked to be enough for the ZIP tie, but since finishing printing it, I have not actually homed. I will double check tonight.

If there isnt enough clearance I am just going to make some brackets that fit on either side and lock this design in place.

Homing is not an issue as long as the ZIP tie’s clasp (for lack of a better term) is not on the bottom of the module.