Accidentally limited the movement of a module

Hi, when changing location of my printer and let it go to the home position the movement of the base place was accidentally limited for a few seconds when it was placed too close to a wall. The machine was vibrating/sounding a lot and I quickly lifted the machine away and gave the base plate a push so it could continue to move. Is this damaging the linear modules?

Secondly, now I am running a print which works very well and the result seems good so far but once in a while, a couple of times a minute, there is a pop/klonck noise coming from the machine/module. I didn’t hear anything like this before the accident occurred, is it something to be worried about?

Kind regards

I think everyone has done this more than a few times. I know I have and haven’t had any lasting effects. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. I don’t have my SM fastened down partly because of this.

You might want to loosen up all your modules and then make sure everything is lined up before re-tightening. Might just have gotten a little askew.


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