Excessive Shift

Hello All,

I keep having shifts in the X direction of my builds. I initially thought the magnet/build plate was moving, creating a shift, but after securing it down and seeing much larger shifts I know it has to be something else.

I’m not sure if this is the x linear motion getting jammed at some point and resetting the zero position or if this is a programing issue.

Has anyone else come across this issue? And if so what can I do to fix. I am kind of hoping this is just a bug and not something mechanical. I literally just got this out of the box. I feel pretty confident that it was installed right, but who knows?


That’s a pretty big shift.

I’ve heard of the linear modules skipping threads if you’re printing really fast (I experienced on the v1 at 100 mm/s, and I’ve seen posts that say not to exceed 120 mm/s for this reason.). But those shifts are smaller, like 8-10mm per shift, and there’s a pretty obvious noise when it happens. Since you said you just opened the box, I’m going to assume you’re not to the point of messing with the default print settings yet.

Other people have had issues with an incorrect assembly that causes the magnetic bed to shift. But then you’d see the bed disconnected. And the clips you put on should prevent that from happening.

I’m kind of at a loss. Were you present when it happened? I’m wondering if there were any noises associated with the shift.